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Are you looking for GT Radial Car Tyres for your vehicle?

    The GT Radial is among the top ten tyre manufacturing brands in the world. They are a flagship brand of Giti Tyres. GT Radial was founded in 1993, and since then, they have been offering a complete product range of tyres for buses, SUVs, passengers vehicles, light trucks, heavy trucks etc., to over 100 countries worldwide. They are widely renowned for providing premium quality tyres made by using the latest technology and advanced equipment.

    We at KK Tyres stock a comprehensive collection of GT Radial tyres. We always want our customers to have a smooth and comfortable driving experience, which is why we stock and offer only premium-quality tyres. If you are not sure which radials will perfectly suit your vehicle, then visit our store to shop for a suitable pair of tyres with the assistance of our tyre experts.

    Our Online Services

    Browse through our website to choose and shop from our wide collection of GT Radial Tyres-online. Simply enter the registration number of your vehicle in the tyre ordering system, choose a set of tyres according to your driving needs and finalise your purchase. Then, get them installed at a place and time of your convenience through our mobile tyre-fitting services after booking an appointment. To schedule an appointment, directly call our helpline number.

    Our Mobile Fitting Service

    Our mobile tyre-fitting service is here to save the time, money, and hassle it takes to go to a garage. So, whether you are at the home, workplace, or somewhere in between, our technicians will come to you and fit the new tyres to your car at a time and date convenient to you. So, call us and schedule your mobile fitting appointment today!

    What Can We Offer?

    Take a look at the different tyre categories we stock in our inventory:-

    GT Radial Tyres for Summer

    These tyres have a unique rubber compound that offers outstanding vehicle handling ability and grip on both dry and wet roads in hot weather. These tyres also specialise in providing greater fuel efficiency, low noise generation, and lower rolling resistance. Top-sellers from our GT Radial Tyres ranger consist of:

    • GT Radial Champiro 228
    • GT Radial Champiro BAX
    • GT Radial FE2

    GT Radial Tyres for Winter

    GT Radial Tyres range for colder weather conditions are built with more natural rubber content. Hence, they remain flexible and soft and offer superior performance even when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius. These tyres consist of more sipes and fewer grooves, giving them the ability to push the water away from the tyre's path and mitigate the risk of hydroplaning. In the GT Radial winter tyres range, we stock:

    • GT Radial Champiro Winterpro
    • GT Radial Champiro WinterPro 3
    • GT Radial Winterpro HP

    GT Radial Tyres for All-season Use

    All-weather tyres are designed by combining the technology of summer and winter tyres. These tyres provide adequate performance in moderate climates. GT Radial all-season tyres are cost-effective and reliable as they save you the hassle, time and cost of switching tyres every season. Popular all-season tyres designed by GT Radial that we offer:

    • GT Radial Adventuro A/T
    • GT Radial Adventuro M/T
    • GT Radial 4Seasons

    Apart from this range of tyres, our inventory stocks various other tyre models designed by GT Radials, such as performance tyres, run-flat tyres, 4X4 tyres, and various other variants!

    We offer a wide variety of tyres so that you can select a model depending on your driving requirements, preferences, climatic conditions and budget. In addition to that, our experts are always here to provide you with the required assistance while choosing tyres.

    Therefore, look no further, and contact us at KK Tyres to buy quality GT Radial tyres at affordable rates.

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