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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?


Performance tyres are perfect for sports cars as well as high-end premium vehicles. These tyres offer superior handling and manoeuvrability due to their ingenious design and special compounds. Enjoy track performance on normal roads with the help of premium-quality Performance tyres Wembley.

KK Tyres provides a wide range of performance tyres at comparative rates!. KK Tyres is a reliable auto care centre that offers mobile car services by a skilled team of technicians who use advanced technology to perform tyre-related repairs and replacements with utmost precision. You can book an appointment online or talk to our experts to learn more about which tyres will best suit your driving requirements.

Top-brands Available With Us Include

Our inventory includes a wide range of performance tyres Wembley from top brands. The brands include:

  • Falken
  • GT Radical
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Kumho
  • Michelin and many more!

Moreover, all the tyres you purchase from us must pass rigorous tests to ensure their roadworthiness and safety parameters.

Why Get Performance Tyres?

Apart from offering enhanced stability, these performance tyres also offer numerous benefits, including-

Reduced tyre wear

These tyres are manufactured with a special rubber compound along with an ingenious groove design that offers resistance to overheating at high speeds. This helps in extended tyre life as well as decreased blowout risks.

Track Performance

Performance tyres are manufactured with a special tread pattern that makes them ideal for dry and wet road conditions. The design also allows water to escape quickly from the tyre, reducing the chances of aquaplaning.

Reduced Rolling Resistance

The reduced rolling resistance feature of performance tyres allows easy manoeuvrability and also decreases fuel consumption. Moreover, the unique tread compound and design provide unmatched vehicle control and handling at high speeds.

Improved Responsiveness

Performance tyres offer a better on-road response as compared to standard units. The wide shoulder blocks on these tyres allow better grip and traction without compromising your car’s performance and safety.

Steering ability

The durable sidewalls of performance tyres help maintain their effective load-bearing ability as well as structural integrity at high speeds.

Longer Life

Compared to standard units, these tyres last longer, and the tread pattern does not wear off before time.

KK Tyres-online services

We strive to offer the most convenient and hassle-free tyre-related solutions to our customers. That is why we provide an online solution to get the best tyres right at your doorstep. Now, no need to drive down to your nearest garage to buy performance tyres Wembley. Simply, book new performance tyres online from our official website. After filling in the tyre details or your vehicle’s registration number, place the order, and our technicians will come to your preferred location and mount the tyres.

KK Tyres Mobile Tyre Fitting Services

We are well-known for offering the finest tyres and services at your desired location. Moreover, our top-class mobile car services make certain that your vehicle is safe to drive on roads. Simply give us a call or book our mobile services online, and our experts will come to your location at your selected time and deliver our services with utmost precision.

Why Choose Us?

KK Tyres is a trusted and reliable provider of high-quality tyres and top-notch mobile car-related services. We always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and offer transparent and honest products and services. Moreover, we only use authentic products from top brands to carry out the best repairs and replacements. Our experienced technicians can safely mount new tyres and perform repairs with utmost precision to ensure your car is fit to drive on roads.

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