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Tyres are one of the most expensive parts of car equipment, therefore, we want them to last as long as possible. Along with the durability part, we want our tyres to perform well throughout their lifespan, and offer optimum safety, decreased fuel consumption, and a comfortable driving experience. One can extend the life of the tyres through several ways, including a tyre rotation, proper loading, adequate inflation pressure, etc. You can also opt for tyres that can be regrooved. Tyre regrooving is the process of engraving out the rubber in the tyre grooves to curate additional tread depth. It requires a professional/regrooving specialist to carry out the re-cutting process of a worn-out tyre.

Here at KK tyres, we are backed by a team of trained professionals who are well trained in handling and fixing the mechanisms of several vehicle classes and models. So, you can rest assured of the quality you will receive at our facility. We are a widely recognized and popular auto repair and maintenance service provider, known for providing quality tyre grooving service. A majority of car owners and drivers prefer us when it comes to car-related problems, because of our efficient and quick services.

Benefits of Tyre Regrooving

Here are some of the advantages of tyre regrooving:-

Improved Safety

When a tyre is regrooved, it enhances the gripping and traction abilities of the tyre. This will give you the confidence to drive on rough terrains, and you can drive safely without the fear of skidding.

Better Mileage

Regrooving enhances the durability of the tyres. With a regrooved tyre, your vehicle's mileage can be increased by 25-30%.

Decreased Fuel Consumption

A regrooved tyre provides low rolling resistance, which means that your car will require less energy to operate, resulting in much more efficient fuel consumption.

Low Cost

With this technique, you can save a lot of money. You need not buy new tyres when your tyres get damaged. You can just opt for tyre regrooving and get the performance like new tyres, at a fraction of new tyres' cost.

When to opt for Tyre Regrooving?

The tyre should only be regrooved when the tyre has not sustained irreparable damage. If your tyre' tread is badly damaged or it has no tread left with it, the tyre cannot undergo the regrooving process.

Tyres must be regrooved when the original tread is nearly about 4mm. This will help you reap maximum benefits from this process.

When is Tyre Regrooving not recommended?

Avoid tyre regrooving in the below-mentioned cases:-

  • Tyre tread is cut and blown
  • The Tyre casing of the tyre is missing
  • Visible rubber loss
  • Damaged sidewall
  • The belt edge cushion of the tyre came out
  • Cuts on the tyre

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