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    Originated in Japan, Falken is well known for offering superior quality tyres manufactured with the latest Japanese technology. Since their inception, they have innovated the designs of their products to provide the customers with only the best. Falken tyres ensure outstanding performance and better vehicle handling, thereby optimising driving safety and comfort. They offer a complete portfolio of mid-range tyres for different vehicle classes like trucks, vans, cars, and SUVs.

    At KK Tyres, we are delighted to provide you with a vast selection of high-quality Falken Tyres. So, if you are someone who is looking for exceptional quality tyres within a medium budget range, visit our facility. Our professional team will assist you in finding the right and the most suitable fleets for your vehicle.

    Our Online Services

    You can simply browse through our website to book your choice of tyres and schedule an appointment to get them fitted to your car from our expert technicians. Our experts are well versed with all makes and models of vehicles. Hence, when you hand over your vehicle to us, do not worry at all as we'll take care of it as our own.

    Our Mobile Fitting Services

    We offer mobile tyre-fitting services to our customers for maximum convenience. So, whether you want to get your tyres fitted at home, workplace, gym, or school. We will come to your preferred location and do the fitting effectively - as long as there's enough place for us to carry out the procedure. You just need to book an appointment with a time and date that suits you. Call on our helpline number to schedule your mobile fitting appointment.

    Falken Tyres We Deal In

    At KK Tyres, we offer a wide range of premium tyres for all vehicle segments such as cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.

    All-season Tyres - These tyres combine the special characteristics of summer and winter tyres into a hybrid solution with the advantages of both the seasonal variants. All-weather tyres are given a bold and aggressive appearance to match the vehicle's robust look. They have excellent grip and traction on mud, water, and snow. These units come with circumferential grooves, which help them clear water, mud, and gravel, increasing their versatility to be used on and off-road. Our range of Falken all-season tyres consist of -

  • Wildpeak A/T AT3WA
  • Euro all season AS200
  • Euro all season AS210
  • Summer Tyres: Summer tyres are also known as standard tyres, as they offer greater traction and grip on dry and wet roads. This range of Falken tyres is designed to provide optimal performance in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Their hard rubber compound enhances stability and control in difficult terrains. They are designed with a few grooves and a unique tread pattern, providing excellent hydroplaning resistance. In the Falken summer tyres category, we stock:

  • Sincera SN110
  • Azenis FK5210
  • Ziex ZE310EC
  • Winter Tyres: Falken's range of winter tyres are manufactured with a unique rubber compound, delivering outstanding traction and grip on road surfaces covered with water, ice, and snow in cold weather conditions. The tread design has deeper blocks that bite into the ice and snow to provide a stronger grip. These tyres do not lose their flexible structure and performance even in extremely cold conditions because of their softer rubber compound. Our top-sellers from this range are:

  • Eurowinter HS01
  • Eurowinter HS01 SUV
  • Eurowinter VAN01
  • To get more information regarding our product and service offerings, visit our store or check our website!

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