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    If you are looking for good-quality tyres for your vehicle, Kumho tyres are the best option for you. Founded in the year 1960, Kumho is a Korean brand listed among the top leading tyre manufacturers worldwide. They continuously develop, produce, and distribute superior quality tyres, especially for cars, vans, SUVs, and heavy vehicles.

    At KK tyres, we truly believe in providing quality products to our customers. Hence, our inventory includes an exclusive range of different tyres designed and manufactured by Kumho. So, if you prefer quality over everything - we are the right destination for you. Our wide range of tyres can surely fulfil all your requirements and needs.

    Our Online Services

    Browse through our website and book your choice of tyres available. Book a slot and later get them equipped to your car at the time and place of your convenience through our mobile tyre fittings.

    Popular Kumho Tyres at Our Facility

    Winters tyres

    These tyre units are specially designed and manufactured to optimize their performance in extremely cold conditions. They are built with a rubber compound that maintains flexibility and is highly effective in lower temperatures. Winter tyres' tread patterns have thin groove cuts, which help them bite into the snow for better grip and resist aquaplaning. Kumho winter tyres available in our inventory are:


    Summer Tyres

    Summer Tyres by Kumho are designed to provide excellent performance in areas with temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Moreover, these tyres offer slightly better braking distance and handling performance at such temperatures. These tyres have a unique tread pattern that improves grip and traction on both dry and wet roads. Our best-sellers from the Kumho summer tyres range are:

    • ECSTA PS91
    • ECOWING ES31
    • ECOWING ES01 KH27

    All-season tyres

    This range of tyres is designed to cope with all temperatures and weather conditions. All-season tyres combine the specific features of winter and summer tyres, providing optimal performance year-round. These tyres effectively deliver optimal performance, shorter braking distance, and better grip and traction on different types of terrains. Our all-season tyre category consists of:

    • SOLUS 4S HA31
    • SOLUS 4S HA32

    That's not it. Besides the tyre models mentioned above, we stock high-quality run-flat tyres, performance tyres, 4X4 tyres, and many more!. So, if you are someone who is looking to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle with economical and reliable tyres, you are at the right place.

    Our Mobile Fitting Service

    We understand how bothersome it can be to take out time from your busy schedule to get your car to the garage for car servicing or to get new tyres fitted. Hence, we provide mobile tyre-fitting service at your home, workplace, or anywhere in between. Simply schedule an appointment by calling our experts on the provided helpline number. And, do not forget to mention the time, date, and location that's convenient to you to avail our services.

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    Conclude your search with KK Tyres. We are sure that the vast collection will match your preferences and requirements. For further help and information regarding our products and services, visit our facility or contact our friendly team of experts.

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